Gender Equality

Women suffer economic, social, and political discrimination. Much has been done over the last three decades to try and reverse such discrimination, and aid has played its part. Yet in many societies there is often a higher incidence of poverty among women than men, while women are also more likely to live in extreme poverty.

Sexual violence crime (SV) in wartime is not a new phenomenon.

Malokele Nanivazo / April 2012
Hand drawing © UN Photo/Martine Perret

The research project ReCom-Research and Communication on foreign aid, which is co-ordinated by UNU-WIDER with funding from the development agencies...

Carl-Gustav Lindén / Sep 2012
Outside of classroom, © World Bank / Curt Carnemark

Innovations in social protection systems design have moved forward quickly on the supply-side over the past decade.

Alisa DiCaprio / Nov 2011
Metal © Ray Witlin / World Bank

This is the second of a two-part article presenting key discussion points from the UNU-WIDER gender equality workshop held 12-13 July 2012, in Hels...

Nanivazo, Scott / Sep 2012
Equal? © Stephan Bachenheimer/World Bank

The first gender equality workshop under UNU-WIDER’S ReCom—Research and Communication in Foreign Aid project was held on 12-13 July 2012 in Helsink...

Nanivazo, Scott / Aug 2012
Old village woman, © UN Photo / Martine Perret

Lucy Scott reports on her research on women's empowerment strategies through development assistance projects.

Lucy Scott / Jan 2012